Apple ID Active Again

After many attempts, apple support team finally sent the reset password link to unlock my account. The issue started after I linked 3 IOS devices and one Macbook pro to the same apple id , the account was working fine but not linked to any rescue email. As part of apple account requirement I have put random security questions and random answers.

By mistake I tried open my account multiple times with incorrect password, then the account locked and the system asked me unlock it using the reset password or answer the security questions. Since no rescue email and I did not remember the random Passwords, apple support refused to reset the password. They said that I have two ways, either to answer the security questions or share the original purchase invoices which must includes specific details such as (date of purchase, device serial number, the contact info of the reseller and amount paid).

I tried to reset the ID on the devices by sharing the invoices, but the linked devices are bought from local mobile stores which are not certified as “authorized apple reseller”. Because it is not certified shops, apple support center rejected my request.

Back to the first solution, reset the password by answering the security question, I listed all the possibles and words that I use mostly and contacted the support and asked them to try it all ( 8 tries every 8 hours, since EMEA support is not working 24×7, I have to contact them 2 times a day, one in the morning and the 2nd before the end of the day).

I am lucky that they work in the weekend, I tried to contact the support team on Saturday,  I have asked them to try some words and fortunately one of the words was correct answer to one of the three questions.

Apple support team sent code on my mobile screen and asked me to share it with them, then they verified the  account and told me that they will share link to reset my password after 24 hours.

Today at 04:05 PM, I received the link and after I changed my password… I immediately removed the account from all of my devices 😀

I cannot say it bad experience, because I learned:

  • Not to but apple device from not  authorized reseller.
  • Keep referable screenshot or not to the security questions.
  • Not to link all my devices to the same apple ID.

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