Online Payment in Bahrain

In spite of that all the governmental organizations started to serve online services and allowed the customers to pay online anytime and escape the long queues, local people still scare of using their credit/debit card online.

The online payment culture still in its first stage here in Bahrain, we still use phone for ordering food and book, even if we use online portals for food, local people still prefer to pay on arrival (pay when you receive your order).

Sometimes you feel that people refuse the technology but this is not the point when you see that the big Information technology websites reports about the highest number of fraud transactions. Then you feel that is right, avoiding the online payment makes your money safe.

Recently one of my close relatives, tried one transaction to pay online for one travel package, she used credit card issued by local bank. After few days she received confirmation SMS that she paid 489 BHD overseas transaction.

The merchant was in Dubai, while she was in Bahrain. She went to her issuer bank and reported the case, the bank scanned all the pages of her passport in order to prove that she never been to UAE when the transaction done. After 20 days, she received SMS that the card statement settled.

This something happen not only in Bahrain, it happen around the world every day and the victims suffering because of it. There is no way to prevent it 100%, there is only ways to minimize the chance of it.

Below is number of instructions may help you avoid the fraud transactions and will make you get the most benefits of the online services:

  1. Avoid infamous websites and insecure merchants.
  2. Do not use cracked Windows or jailbreaked IOS device for payment, the cracked your device but you do not know what other apps is there installed on your system.
  3. Use up to date antivirus especially if you are using cracked software on your system.
  4. Do not use public networks such as Airport, coffee shops networks. They share free internet but you do not know if any traffic device or software is attached with this network or not.
  5. Check your bank account activity frequently, compare the paid amount in every email or SMS alert you get after your transactions.
  6. If you lost your card or wallet, call your bank issuer immediately by phone or email and make sure that they blocked the cards.
  7. Do not give any information rather than the Your Name, Card Number, Expired date and CVV/CVC. What you do if the thief contact your card issuer and pretended that he is you and provided many correct information to verify that he is the cardholder, may he will ask to reset the PIN.
  8. Use the two-factor verification.

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