Removing AppleID from my IOS devices

This is not the first time that I face issue with my apple id, I faced same 3 years ago when I forgot my security answers and I had to contact apple support center at 03:00 am.

The support was very good, they just asked me to provide the serial numbers for the devices I have.

But this time, they did not asked me about my serial numbers, they didn’t count the serial numbers as evidence, they want me to answer the tricky questions that I put to trap myself or send the reset password to the same account I have. the account is already locked and I cannot open the email itself. 

they force us to put the tricky questions but they put the rescue email as optional, and by default it will be the same as the account email.

The apple ID has my picture and my birthday and I have the devices and its original packages , the purchase invoices and the mobile number, all of these details are not sufficient to prove that I am the ID owner.

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