Bahrain Trends

Monitoring the social networks trends is good way to know what is currently interested in your country or any specific geographical area.  For example the incidents, daily events or the political news which people write about it mostly.

I like to monitor trends of twitter, it always updated and shows exactly what local news agents are unable to publish. For example, yesterday top trend was about the belly dance happened during Bahrain National day festivals which published under hashtag #هز_في_الحلبة

It is normal that such news take part in the social network and reach 1000s but no local newspaper or news agency is going to publish anything about it.

Trends is not always in the social networks, it sometimes in the search engines. Once you go to google trends tool, you will be able to know that the most searched words are funny, in spite of that it is Arabic country, and you will see Indian words are taken the first places in the search engine in Bahrain region.

The top word in Google statics for last 30 days, you will see that in the first place of the search words is

“Jayalalithaa Jayaram” who was an Indian actress and politician died on the 5th of December 2016. While the second place of the search words is “junaid jamshed” who was a Pakistani recording artist which died on the 7th of December 2016.

Inspire that there is many words are interested in the recent time such as “Bahrain National Day” or what is currently happening in Iraq or Aleppo, we still get that the Indian and Pakistani words are taking the first places in the search engines. Maybe because we don’t like to read, we like to listen and watch.

When you say we like to watch, I checked the statics for YouTube, the top words for the last 30 days are “WWE” which for  wrestling and the second is “Crime Patrol”  which Indian television series 😀

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