Our standards means our standards

It was the funniest words I have heard in 2011 when Senior web developer tried to give some information about the new company I have joined.  I asked few questions, it was silly questions but I have no answer for it, such as do you have documentation for your software product, development instructions and data dictionary.

For the data dictionary, it is easy to identify that this variable in this table can be used for what, and all the software’s the small and the big must have documentations because the developer for each software product will not remain same, developers come and developers go and each has to understand the code in order to improve it. You see such companies focus on the customers and the colored profile but the forget that the improvement in their product must start from the its source code.

I spend 5 years of my life to study computer science in the “University of Bahrain”. During this time I have learned many special courses and each course introduced new basics that may help me in my future carrier. After  more than 6  years since my graduation,  I discovered that we are using the standards only for the exams, the organizations each has its own standards which been made by people not always has good background of computer science, following unknown standards.

Sometimes, I know something but I am not sure if it fit with the standards, I could be right but I cannot say that I am right before I do my research and reach the confident point. If I showed something and someone has any comment, I will not say he is wrong and I do no mistakes. Maybe he is right, I give him time and do my search again, maybe I were mistaken.

Same is not be considered by everyone, sometimes people in power positions write some information that you feel that it not correct, and need to be revised.  The advice must come from someone who is in the same power, otherwise it will be taken as personal and you do not know what may come in return.

Maybe I feel this is big issue, how to fix it, I do not know but I feel I have to do my search under how to tell someone that He is mistaken and make him feel happy in the same time. I do not know if google has answer for such questions or not,  but by default it has.

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